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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
  Defence was more a theory than a practice
What the heck was that? Think about it, you score 4 goals in the first 20 minutes of a game on the road and still struggle to win? C'mon now, that was just crazy. Sure, it was entertaining but it was poorly played at the back for both teams.

In the half-a-day or so since the match ended, I've read everything from, "it was the greatest MLS match ever," even though it wasn't an MLS match to," it was a sloppy mess and proof MLS is crap." Now, I'm not going to take either of those extremes...hey, I'm a moderate politically so why can't I be one here as well? But the match certainly touched on both ends on the spectrum.

I'm sure those Dallas fans who showed up at PHP for the first time expecting to see that English guy were disappointed at first but had to have enjoyed the wild ride...and, hopefully, will be even more determined to use that discount they were offered for when the Becks Circus really does come to town.

Now, I've used the baseball no-hitter analogy on numerous occations when confronted with the low-scoring argument from those who don't care for the sport. I guess you can use the other extreme after last night. Those high-scoring slug fests (with or without Bonds juice) are usually brought about by poor pitching. If baseball fans enjoy it, cool. Personlly, I've a hunch it's usually one pitch who's having an off night and one teams builds a huge lead and everyone (well, they do in LA) heads for the exits. Last night, both backlines just fell asleep. I remember the last time LA lit up the scoreboard in Dallas. Harut Karapetyan (had to look the spelling of his name up cuz it's been a while...I got it right first time) put three past Dallas in 5 minutes in 1998 on the way to an 8-1 for the good guys. It could have been worse as the game was stopped early cuz a storm was on the way or the ref decided the mercy rule was needed or something. My point is, that afternoon, LA did all the scoring and Dallas....well, they didn't.

Anyway, now LA have another match to add to their already busy schedule. Looks like it'll be at the HDC as well. Will the new pitch have taken hold by then or will it tear apart and injure Becks again? Of course, if LA are playing Morelia, they may just play the match at the Q. Why not? Another town for the Beckham Circus to hit.

One other point. Landon's goal celebration was silly and probably unnecessary, but he is an emotional player and I wouldn't wanna stifle that. Bottom line, it could have been worse.

Ok, enough of that. The match was an anomaly and LA were fortunate to get through it.

So, now LA return home for a couple days before heading to the Great White North for the first time. No one knows If Becks will be involved. Personally, if he does play on their plastic turf, it'll be as a sub late in the match...where have we seen that before? Well, the same TV network will be in attandance.

Now, the fans up there have already had fun with a recent big name import.

We'll see if they can come up with something different if Becks gets to take a corner.

It looks like the move north hasn't changed the method of operation for the Jamacian Hatchet.

"TFC defender Tyrone Marshall, who started the season with L.A. before being traded to TFC in June, is hoping to see Beckham on the field.

"I'm definitely going to get over there and get a hit on him. For sure," Marshall said.

"That's my first priority. I'm going to welcome him to the league, and welcome him to Canada."
Nice to see the higher tax rate hasn't mellowed him out.

Well, that's enough for now. Tune in next wee....ah, never mind. Next week is sumer session finals. I'll be lucky if I find some time.

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