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Saturday, July 21, 2007
  Sorry I didn't post this sooner
I was on Beckham overload at the time...ok, I still overloaded. Anyway, here's a nice piece from a Sports Business News writer on whatshisname and MLS.

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Friday, July 20, 2007
  Beckham, Baseball, All-Stars and.....yawn....
I've been defending MLS and US soccer for....well, a heck of a long time. I've defended it against Euros who still seem to think we'll make the goals bigger, play four quarters and so on. I've defended the sport against Americans who insist soccer is slow and boring--while watching a baseball game. However, the insanity of MLS/AEG reached new levels as I watch the Spiced Savior tell Rob Stone he'll probably not be playing against Chelsea while reading the scroll at the bottom of the screen claim an "insider" saying he would.

Ok, here's the deal. Saturday's match is a meaningless friendly. If you put Becks on the pitch (even more the final 10 minutes of garbage time) you stand the chance of him injuring himself worse and perhaps not have him available when the season continues (or starts considering the number of games LA has played thus far this summer)

While I'm on the subject...MLS can't take a break for the World Cup, Gold Cup, Copa America but they can have a couple of teams basically take a month off to play a bunch of friendlies. Heck LA have played a lot fewer matches than the rest of the league yet MLS was able to create a schedule which will allow them to catch up in three months.

Please guys. Give me the sport without all the optional extras. For the $400k of cap space being used to bring Beckham to LA, you could get 2 or 3 quality players...at least better than the supporting cast of rookies Beckham currently has.

If you want sports fans on both sides of the Atlantic to take MLS seriously, perhaps the league itself should do so first.

Nope, I think I'll just become a fan in hiding. I'll watch games in my new Beckham jersey from the safety of my reclier and no longer will I explain the Cobi Jones bobblehead doll I have on my desk to my co-workers. Heck, it's now in my desk drawer. No wonder even the few Metro...errr RBNY fans there were are disappearing.

...And I didn't even mention the red-headed GM/President.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007
  Probably the last Tank

Like I said a few days ago. Being the topic of this cartoon strip has to be a sign that Becks arrival goes beyond anything else the league/sport has seen so far.

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Friday, July 13, 2007
  My thoughts on the Beckham Press Conference
After watching the 'event' I came away with one burning question.

Why does every event have to have a confetti canon?

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  More from Tank
With all the silly media hype available everywhere you look right now (they even had news of his arrival in LA on the local morning news here) these silly Tank cartoons are a nice change and probably more accurate than 90% of the British Tabloid reports.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007
  More Tank

Paul Anka? Well, I guess it would be a change from some teenybopper group.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
  Becks to LA good for England?
By the time he heads to Moscow, Becks could have played as many as three matches on the stuff. In typical England fashion, the media will completely over react to the surface and after the match the players will say it was no big deal.

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  The big time
I haven't read Tank in years...well, not on a regular basis. But I'm glad I stumbled on this.

If this isn't a sign that the mainstream media is paying attention, I don't know what is. I'll be sure to check the rest of the week.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
  Yallop vs Lalas
I've been hearing rumors to the effect that Lalas and Yallop aren't exactly BFFs. It seems a lot of the recent trades (many of which I still don't understand) are all the work of the ginger one. Now I'm finally hearing about it from a reliable source.

If you want my opinion--well, your reading my blog so your gonna get it--dump Lalas before he does much more damage to the team. My problem isn't what he's been saying to the British press--I actually enjoy the way he winds them up--it's with his player/coach management. He doesn't exactly have the best record there.

However, I'm sure AEG will see things different. What do I know?

As Ives said, don't expect anything soon...but it's gonna by playoffs or bust time once Spice Balls arrives.

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  I said I wasn't going to...

....but I'll be wearing this shirt pretty soon. I've talked about wearing old Galaxy shirts all the time as proof I'm not some bandwagon Becks fan. But to be honest, I hope the all white (with blue and gold trim) is what LA will be wearing on a permanent basis...like after Becks retires.

And don't forget, Vicky B's TV show is on next week.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
  Those kids can play
Freddy Adu and the boys drop the hammer on Poland. Some sweet goals.

All the fire power on assignment in Canada. Maybe Bradley could use a couple of the kids in Venezuela.

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