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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
  I'm resisting a rant
Another meaningless mid-season payday for LA.

The whoring of the team is going to cost them by the playoffs. it's all well and good that LAG and AEG are raking in the money needed to sign Beckham...however, what good is it if the team misses the playoffs again?

So, for the 1,638th time, put a team on the field which will win consistently, and the fans will show up. How much longer until AEG have gone to this well too many times?

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Of course, I already have a ticket for this. The Thunder set up a section behind the goal for us, with a password at ticketbastard to get them. At $55, it's a little pricey, but it should be an interesting atmosphere. And we get to be jackasses. :)
$55!!!! Wow. I'm not sure I'd pay that for a match at the HDC. Guess I was spoiled as a season ticket holder all those years. How far is Minn from Chicago? I'm about an hour past Chicago from you. Might be a fun roadtrip. Just gotta justify the cost. ;)

Now, if it were Ipswich playing... :)
It's about a 6 hour drive or so to the Twin Cities from Chicago.

If you end up planning to come, check out blueskysoccer.com for info on the jackass section. :)

Let's just hope that LA plays better than they did in Colorado last weekend, so that the game might actually be entertaining.
A 7 hour drive (each way) at $3.50/gallon to see a meaningless friendly?? I'm still thinking about it.
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