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Saturday, April 07, 2007
  All systems go...
The stadium looked good. Undersoil heating? That's not exactly a new concept. They've used it in England (and probably other places in Europe) for years. I enjoyed the game...but about 5 minutes after Kickoff, I had to mute the TV because, 1) my son was taking a nap and I didn't want him to wake and 2) I just could not stand listening to the drivel O'Brien and Foudy were spouting. Any chance they could just forget about commentators and leave us with just the crowd sounds?

Was that really EPL highlights at HT? Wow. Not one snide comment either. Times are changing.

Still, it was entertaining. Glad to see Herc get the first goal at the Dick. Yeah, LA got Cannon, but they gave up a lot to get him. I'm sure Herc will score a bucketful this season. I've always been a fan of his. Fun to see DC get one back late in the game. It was cold...but not that cold. Granted, I don't live in Colorado anymore. But those temps shouldn't be enough to keep that many ticket buyers away...oh yeah, it was on ABC, never mind. ;)

I'm so glad the season has started. Only an hour til we see what FSC will offer.

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You mean it took you 5 mins to mute it? I think I did it at 3. But it was the first MLS match I think I have managed to watch start to finish. I just wish we had more games in HD.
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