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Thursday, October 13, 2005
  Trinidad vs Bahrain
Just like the game between the 64th and 65th team in the NCAA Basketball, two island countries will fight it out to be the smallest team at the World Cup next summer.

Why do I get the feeling Guatemala and Uzbekistan were screwed here?

Mexico pulled a US last night. Well, I think they did. I didn't recognize any of the players names...but I don't really pay much attention to them so I may be wrong.

As for the Uzbek's. Could the Sultan of Bahrain (or whatever his title is) have financially helped this result?
Whn you not sure about something. I would suggest you keep quiet!
Yes i agree with that comment. Both Trinidad and Bahrain earned their place in the playoffs...maybe you should pay more attention to soccer. Just because an island is small does not mean they have to pay off someone to make it to the worldcup.
You are really just rambling on this site
You know, just because the countries are small does not mean that they do not deserve to be a part of something this big. All the more power to them if they can. And the fact that either one can even make it is a huge step above those larger countries with more players to choose from yet still have to buy players from other countries because of their LACK-OF-TALENT at home. Obviously, you have no idea of what the World Cup IS or REPRESENTS for FOOTBALL-playing countries across the world... or of the love of the sport either. Of course, we are talking about 2 different sports because you are talking Soccer, while the rest of the world is talking FOOTBALL.
As a Trinidadian i am offended by that "screwed over" comment. Because i have seen the hard work put out by the team for years.Ive seen the team beaten out of a place in the world cup by just one goal. And now that we`re this far it really hurts to read something that suggests we didn`t get here fairly. If you want to talk about screwed over then talk about the match against Hati where trinidad had 3 goals disallowed and Hati won 2-1 to get to the cup instead of Trinidad because the match was fixed by Papa Doc. Btw its football.
I have predicted Bahrain 1 Trinidad 1
in first leg

Trinidad 1 Bahrai 3 in second leg

This prediction was posted 48 hours before the first match.

If you don't beleive check the prediction on www.Goal.com
Why don't you shut up? What the fuck do u know about FOOTBALL anyway? Stick to your bullshit pussy sports like SOFTBALL you American idiot. Trinidad will win in Bahrain and qualify to Germany, that's not a prediction its what is going to happen. GO SOCA WARRIORS!
I think Trinidad’s downfall was their failure to get premiership players J'Loydd Samuel and Bobby Zamora to play for them.

If Bahrain DO qualify I hope their Crown Prince keeps his hands in his pockets and let the beautiful game be.

Good Luck Soca boyz for the second leg.

you have got be be a jackass....everyone else has spoken....
I Shawn John a trinidadian pimp have got to say that trinidad and tobago's goal was by far the best goal out of every world cup qaulifier games on saturday
I'm an Iranian living in Canada, and I would just like to say that T&T deserve to be they are. Bahrain on the other hand, don't. I'll give you some props for coming back from a 3-1 defecit against Uzbeck, but you weren't the best team in that game. Always remember, you never BEAT Uzbeckistan, you tied the Uzbecks.

I would love to cheer on a team that resides in the great PERSIAN gulf, but how can I respect a bunch of dirty, filthy, cheating, disrespectful cry babies such as yourselfs. Remember when you idiots beat us 1-0 back in 2001 and you ran around the field with your stupid Saudi flag? How low do you have to go wave the flag of another country in OUR faces because we were knocked out. Did Bahrain make WC2002? I don't think so. So why were YOU waving the flag in OUR faces?! You idiots didn't even qualify!! Atleast Iran made the playoff, which we barely lost to Ireland and earned a lot of respect in doing so.

And you guys keep saying, football, its football not soccer, when you Bahrainis are ruining the great sport of football. Your style of play goes against evrything football stands for. You guys would rather waste time seeing how many different ways you can kill time than you would trying to actually score (the point of FOOTBALL). And I've seen you guys play football, you cheap bastards going after the legs of all the star players and then doing an olympic gold medal dive everytime someone in a different coloured jersey comes within 10 feet of you!

I pray to God you guys don't make the world cup. Saudi Arabia has disgraced Asia football enough, we don't need you goons running around making AFC the biggest joke on the face of the planet.

Long live the SOCA WARRIORS, long live TEAM MELLI and the GREAT PERSIAN EMPIRE, and long live the AFC.

I am a bona fide Trinbagonian and I am thrilled that after knocking on the door for so long and having come heart-breakingly close...my country has made it to the World Cup !!!! And after watching the shameful display of sportsmanship..the Bahrain players pushing the referee and pushing and shoving my countrymen on the field...and the disgusting behaviour by the crowd when they started pelting objects onto the pitch...all I can say is that the better team WON !! The smallest country with just about 1.3 million people is going to the World Cup and if we had lost to Bahrain at home, my people would never have booed and jeered or thrown objects at the opposing team or our own players. Where I come from, we in Trinidad and Tobago live in harmony and peace with each other no matter what our race, creed or religion. Congrats to the team and the coach and the support staff. T&T we going World Cup !!!
Congratulations to Trinidad on making it to the World Cup. You know all of us here in the West Indies are behind you 100%!

-a Vincentian
This is exactly what i love about my people. We always rally to defend our own. Big up to all the trinis who fell upon this blog expecting to find something worth reading, and didn't, and to others from differnt countries who support our boys.
Most importantly i want to congratulate our Soca Warriors who triumphed over Bahrain today. Latas, Yorke, Edwards, Spann, Lawrence, Gray, John, etc, etc.

And to the Bahrainis, the only thing i saw yall do all game was fall down with style. Come better than than. Oh, wait... sorry, u cant!
T&T for Germany '06
where is de asshole dat say trini loosing 3-1 what happen to is predictions now??? flicking naysayer. TRINIs!!! WE IN DE WORLD CUP!!!!!! GET ON!
Hey, I'm a Brazilian and therefore lives in the greatest football nation of all time and my parents love Trinidad hell, yeah!! I say Trinidad should be in the world cup and America should get the hell out and go play baseball or some shittty sport like. Fuck America. I hope Trinidad and Brazil play each other in the finals in Germany 2006!!!
I'm a trini and i jus want to say congrats to the guys for bringing this one home.I knew you guys could do it!!! We were defeated in '89 but 16 years down the road and we are one of the 32 countries at next year's world cup.Hey,and size doesn't mean a thing!!!! David took down Goliath and guys u can represent our country just the same. GO SOCA WARRIORS!!!!
Trini posse.... Big Up to d Soca Warriors. Peeps, I have been skimmin through things on the net and I am appalled by some comments, folks talking about Trinidad like its some worhtless country. All u anals out there, lemme just say this "SOCA WARRIORS GOING TO D WORLD CUP 2006.... FAIRLY WE FOUGHT AND WE WON CAUSE WE ARE A HELL OF AH SET AH PEOPLE DOWN HERE" Bahrain supporters, lemme say this to you, your people are warlike and riotious, you all treated us like we were criminals, your team played sooooo nasty on that field, and we treated u so differently in Trinidad, so like we would say in sweet Trinidad "IT GOOD FUH ALL YUH" LOL "lix like peas!!!!" GO TEAM WARRIORS, YOU MADE US PROUD~
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