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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
  Which "S" gets sacked first, Sven or Sampson?
I've ranted a lot lately about Steve Sampson. Pat Walsh did a nice piece on the situation at the HDC. Bottom line there, you can't argue (or spin) facts.

...He [Galaxy GM, Doug Hamilton] had an "extensive search" for a new coach which resulted in hiring the definition of mediocrity when it comes to U.S. coaches. Perhaps someone needs to buy Hamilton an updated version of Webster's Dictionary for these terms he keeps using.
How extensive a search could it have been if Sampson was hired 48 hours (well, the announcement made) after they announced Sigi had received his pink slip? I don't think Webster's would define a search that is extensive as one which could be completed in 48 hours.

This season has been even worse under “Mr. 3-6-1” as the Galaxy have gone 10-11-5. And when you toss out games against the two expansion teams, they’re a pathetic 4-10-4. Are you kidding me? If sitting at the top of the table wasn’t good enough, what is it now that you’re at the kiddies table?
Bottom line, not only should Sampson's time be up...but Hamilton's days should be numbered as well.

But then again, most Galaxy fans were saying that even before Sigi was fired. But Hamilton is still Executive of the Year...not that it helped Alexi Lalas when he won Defender of the Year right before being shown the door...errr...given the GM job in San Jose. Talk about a backward way of running things.

Anyway, another manager on the hotseat is Sven Goran Eriksson. After losing 1-0 in Belfast to Northern Ireland, there really can't be many excuses. The Telegraph had a good piece which seems to sum the match up well.

Humiliation. As Windsor Park crowed "easy, easy", England slumped to their most embarrassing defeat since the 1981 reverse to Norway. Bereft of thought and fight, strangled by a system they clearly did not enjoy, England's players lost their first qualifier under Sven-Goran Eriksson, who faces an autumn of deepening discontent. "Sack the Swede," chanted England's fans.
Confusion. In a loss to rank alongside the 1950 defeat to the United States, England kept disappearing down cul de sacs, struggling to trouble the resolute Northern Ireland back-line in which Aaron Hughes was outstanding. Beckham struck a post with a trademark free-kick but otherwise England hit only low notes.
Gee...another reference to the match in Brazil.
Disgrace. As well as England losing the tie, Wayne Rooney spectacularly lost the plot, telling Beckham and Rio Ferdinand to "f***" off".
Ouch! Talk about how to win friends and influence people. Rooney is a headcase anyway.

As dark clouds swirl around Eriksson, sunshine plays across Lawrie Sanchez's life, his reputation as a shock-maker supreme was complete. First Wimbledon, then Wycombe Wanderers, and now Northern Ireland. England's culture were run out of town.
Boy has Lawrie's stock gone up. I've rated him as a manager since his Giant Killing days in Wycombe...now he's doing it at the international level. Wasn't it only a couple of years ago that Ulster hadn't scored a goal in....well it seemed like forever.

Anyway, one or both of those two coaches have to be replaced in the not too distant future. The question is, which one will be first? Answers on a postcard....
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