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Friday, September 16, 2005
  Too bad it's for the EPL....
....my boys are in the Championship...but I took the Premier League's Global Fans Survey in the hope of a free trip to the UK. Fulham (full of Yanks) vs Charlton (full of former Town players) wouldn't be a bad one to see.

I'd still rather see Ipswich play...but I won't win anyway.

BTW, some of the choices in there are strange. Giant Stadium is listed in the "favorite non-EPL stadium" question...but not the HDC. How dare they. But they did list the Azteca (spit).

No idea what kinda information they were looking to get...but I won't complain if I win. But I've got about as much chance of winning this as I do the Colorado Powerball this weekend (got my quick-picks...it's over $90 Million)
I won! but then I realized it was just my alarm clock buzzing me awake.
What? No choice of Brian McBride or Claudio Reyna for favourite player?! Travesty.
or Friedel or Howard...
Yeah, I found myself saying, "none of these are near my favorite players except for Milan Baros."

Giants Stadium was lised, I would think, because the survey is going to be taken mainly by people in England and England has played games at Giants Stadium.
It's true England played in the Giants Stadium but we were all too drunk to realise. I like tail-gating
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