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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
  Is it Tuesday already???
Damn, my life is just flying by right now.

So, the English (and all Euro) season is now in full swing and MLS is finally heading for the playoffs. So, why didn’t I watch much soccer last weekend? Well, probably because Ipswich got spanked Saturday morning and I couldn’t bring myself to watch any EPL matches and I know Bruce Arena would give me grief, but the Ohio State – Texas game just couldn’t be missed. So, I only caught pieces of the Dallas-DC match-up on FSC. Thought I did make a point of watching MSL Wrap…damn, why couldn’t the Colorado road game have been available on TV?

Anyway, looks like there was some decent action.

First off, LA, lead by my boy Herculez Gomez, smacked 4 past Colorado. It’s true that as Landon goes, so goes the Galaxy. He showed up to play on Saturday and LA put together a good game. As for Herc, the kid rocks! If I don’t read a Press Release from the Galaxy, MLS or someone that he’s no longer a Developmental Player and that been offered and accepted a Senior contract….well, I can see Doug Hamilton blowing this one too.

Steve Nichol and the Revs seem to have found their usual late season form. Will they sustain it this year, or will they crash and burn again? They didn’t seem to have too much trouble collecting all that points against Columbus on Saturday.

Is it me, or have the Metros seemed to have figured things out? Their results have improved lately. Heck their improved form seems to have coincided with the arrival of my hero, Alexi Lalas. A 1-0 win in KC isn’t easy. However, it may be too little, too late. I’ve still got a feeling they’ll be on the outside looking in when the playoffs start. Which is a shame really, they have only one point less than the second place team in the West (LA) with a game in hand. Boy the West sucks this season. Heck, if last-in-the-East Columbus were in the Western Conference, they’d be only one point out of a playoff spot. I blame Chivas as usual.

So, LA have been cursed on the road since they moved to the HDC, what do you call what’s happening in Dallas? They’ve yet to win at PHP and they’ve now dropped from first to third in the West. They’ve gone from having a shot at the Supporters Shield to….well; RSL won’t catch them so they’ll be in the playoffs. What a match-up it could be between LA and Dallas. Forget the Fish factor…how about LA—who can’t win on the road—at Dallas—who can’t win at home? Something will have to give there.

Oh yeah, and San Jose beat up on Chivas. Anyone know why Guzan was brought on with 10 minutes left? Is it time for the Goats to throw in the towel yet?

Anyway, tonight we get DC against U Catolica at RFK in the Copa SudAmericana. It should be interesting. Sadly, I’ll be sitting in my GMAT Prep class trying to remember all the stuff I’m managed to forget since leaving school. But I’m sure FSC will be kind enough to replay the match several times. I’ll watch it then if it was a good one.
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