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Thursday, September 29, 2005
  I can't believe I missed this yesterday
I'm a history buff. I love to find out how we got to where we are today. I read a lot on US and World History...but I've also read a lot on the history of soccer in the US. There's really not a lot of information out there, but if you have any interest, take a look the American Soccer History Archives. There are some great essays on there worth checking out. There are also a couple of books by Colin Jose worth reading.

The reason I mention this is Frank Dell-Apa did a great piece in the Boston Globe yesterday and it's well worth checking out. Soccer has been played in this country as long as--or longer than--the other "major" sports here and the Open Cup is the link to the past. MLS has done a lot to distance itself from the failures of the professional game in this country prior to '96. But there were a lot of successes which shouldn't be ignored. Ok, time for me to plan a trip to Oneonta.
Thanks for the American Soccer History link. I too have had my problems learning more about the history of the game on American soil.
Yeah, thanks for the heads up on that site.
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