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Thursday, September 08, 2005
  A downside of the Chivas franchise in MLS
What does Brad Guzan have to do to catch a break? After all, the guy has done nothing but be the best, most consistent keeper the team have had. Granted, they don't have a long history, but from the matches I've seen, he's not been the the cause of their results. However, he's been benched again due to politics (possibly jingoism) not performance. This, in my opinion, is sad. It reminds me of '97 when Kevin Hartman played backup to Jorge Campos. Once Campos was traded to Chicago (ironically, for Hartman who was taken in the Expansion Draft) Hartman proved he was the right choice for the #1 keeper in LA and has only briefly given up the spot to a keeper who was the All-Star team starter this year. Ah, those were the days...when LA had the best two keepers in the league.

Anyway, back to Guzan. He's taking the situation like a pro.

"That's not for me to decide," said Guzan. "All I can do is go out and give everything I have to the team, and the rest will take care of itself."
You've just got to hope he's traded to a team where he'll get a fair shot at the starting gig.

From Robledo...

There's no secret the United States' goalkeeping colony is one of the best in the world, especially compared to Mexico.

With foreign slots limited on Major League Soccer rosters, and because of salary constraints, it doesn't make much sense to seek a foreign goalkeeper when there are so many quality U.S. goalkeepers.

But Chivas continues to experiment, even though the results keep pointing to Guzan.
When Sampson was hinting he might be bringing in a keeper from Costa Rica prior to this season. I couldn't understand why he would even think about using an SI (or even TI) spot on a goalie when he's got Hartman between the pipes. Campos and Zenga (in New England) have shown that US Keepers are more than adequate to fill the spot on the roster...at least 2 deep.

No wonder Chivas will probably be out of playoff contention by the time we head back to work next Monday.
It's really quite sad. If I were the GM of a team with an aging or mediocre keeper, I'd be on the phone with Antonio Cue right now. Guzan has been incredible in goal, and no one doubts his matury. If Chivas want to start Mexican goalkeepers, let them, but don't let Guzan languish on the bench.
I really have my doubts that a Mexican Goalkeeper could be superior to a domestic keeper. The only thing Sanchez has is experience, but Guzan has some really great tools and raw skills that every Mexican goalkeeper wished he had (Height, Size and Presence).

I remember Bora stating in 98 that if he had Meola or Sommer, they would be his starter on the Mexican National Team. Funny, those guys were third and fourth on the depth charts for Sampson.

Just shows how mistaken Chivas USA are about MLS.
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