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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
  What's wrong with this picture?
In today's LA Times, Grahame Jones fills space with the differences between LA Galaxy and Real Madrid.

Ok, I can't argue here...

In (the last two weeks), the Galaxy has played two games, won neither, made no coaching changes, signed no new players, shown little sign of doing either and pretty much puttered along in a business-as-usual mode.

True, most Galaxy fans would love to see a coaching change. But as the transfer window is closed, there's isn't much opportunity to bring in new players right...especially when you have a salary cap to deal with.

Jones then lists all the pre-season player speculation the media is reporting involving Real Madrid players. He then finishes...

Contrast this to the Galaxy and to MLS in general, where all is quiet not only on the western front but all other fronts too. The most pressing of the problems facing the league midway through its 10th season is the need for greater exposure.

The league is doing many things well, but breaking through media indifference, particularly on network television, is its greatest challenge.

It took Real Madrid half a century to become known worldwide.

It was not until the 1950s, with the advent of the European Cup and the signing of big-name international stars, that the club caught the fans' imagination.

Unless it starts making some meaningful news regularly, it will take the Galaxy even longer.
Sorry Mr. Jones, but aren't you a member of the media? Isn't it your job to find the stories? How would you know if Steve Sampson and Doug Hamilton are looking at bringing in another player or three? It's not like you ever report player movement rumors prior to the start of the MLS season. Instead, you seem to sit in your cubicle at LA Times HQ reading wire reports from Europe, rewriting them and publishing the stories under your name. Why don't you get down to the HDC a bit more often and dig up a few stories like your co-workers who cover the Dodgers and Lakers? Do all their stories fall into their laps off the newswire? I'm sure there are plenty of stories waiting to be uncovered...heck, you've had Luis Hernandez and Carlos Ruiz playing for the Galaxy. They were news stories waiting to happen...yet you never really covered any of their 'misadventures'.

Do your job buddy, stir the pot a bit and force Hamilton to replace Sampson--yeah, I'm a dreamer.
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