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Monday, August 15, 2005
  Weekend Round-up
...and so the EPL season begins. Despite Ipswich and LA's disappointing performance on Saturday, I still got to watch plenty of entertaining footie this weekend.

First off...I don't know if there are any other Ipswich supporters that read this list, but how frustrating was it to see the highlights of the Sunderland-Charlton match? Even without Matty Holland playing for Charlton, there were five former Ipswich players on the pitch (Kelvin Davis and Tommy Miller for Sunderland...Hermann Hreidarsson, Darren Ambrose and Darren Bent for Charlton). If only Town could have stayed up.

Anyway, Arsenal, Man U and Chelsea were very fortunate this weekend. You have to feel sorry for Wigan holding the Champs at home for more than 90 minutes before losing. What a great performance from them--though I only saw the highlights. Looked like a cracking match. Newcastle played a great match against Arsenal but the ref made a decision which changed the outcome in my opinion. Jenas deserved a yellow...but a red was a bit harsh. If it wasn't for a lapse right before and after half-time, Everton might have come away from Saturday's match with a point.

What a great result from West Ham...and watch out for Spurs this season...they may actually rattle their under-achiever tag for the first time in a while.

But for me, the match I most wish I'd see was between Villa and Bolton. I saw the highlights and it looked a cracker.

So, then there's MLS. I got to see most of the televised matches. DC took Chivas apart--will the reinforcements arriving this month help the Goats...too little too late I'm guessing. As I expected, Dallas and New England gave us a great match. Too bad the PHP couldn't sell out again.

I need to check out the highlights for the rest of the matches this weekend. RSL and KC looked entertaining. Sasha Victorine is still earning his paycheck in KC. I said all along that it was a mistake for Sampson to dump him...I'm still saying it. LA lost again on the road...nothing newsworthy there...unless it means Sampson is leaving this week, I doubt it though. What's with saving Landon again for this match? I can see leaving him on the bench on Wednesday...but for the game in Chicago as well? Does Bruce Arena have incriminating pictures of Sampson or something? Oh and San Jose were held to a draw against Colorado. Why do I have the feeling Colorado will upset someone in the playoffs?

I've really got to buy the MLS PPV package next year. It's been a long summer without being able to pick which games I want to see and only getting limited highlights. At least the Premiership is now back in action.
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