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Monday, August 15, 2005
  Green Street Hooligans
I've been seeing the link in Nick and Steven's emails...but hadn't checked it out yet. But then I'm looking at my blog to check things look right and I see the link down in the Google ads so I had to check out the website.

It looks interesting. It's about a Harvard dropout (or kicked out) who ends up in London and becomes friends with some hooligans. I haven't checked out the preview but the soundtrack alone seems pretty good. Too bad it's not opening around where I live. Can someone who checks it out this weekend give me some info?
Far as I can tell, it doesn't open in any US markets until September 9, when it hits NY, LA, and Chicago. I understand it's supposed to be released wider the following week, but haven't seen any specifics. I hope it hits Minneapolis then, as I'd definitely like to see it. (And, yeah, I'd like to hear what else is on the soundtrack, as those two songs grabbed my attention right away.)
Thanks...for some reason I was thinking it was opening this week. Guess it helps to read. :)
and darth vadar fall into the lava
damn it Daz...you keep ruining movies for me. ;)
Interesting... I've already plugged Foer's book once, but he has a chapter on "The Sentimental Hooligan" that might be appropriate reading on this.
There's quite a nasty article on this movie in the lastest WSC.

My feelings on the movie (which I said a long time ago on bigsoccer and I'm tired of going through them again): alot of Americans think of hooligans when they think of soccer, especially when it comes to England. This will do little to show any new points of view. It could be great (though I doubt it), but I don't think it would make a difference.
I dunno Evan. If anything, I hope it might educate Americans about the topic. There's a lot of ingnorance in this country about the subject.

Anyone know if there's a review of the movie online anywhere?
Besides the reviews/articles listed in a section of the GSH site you linked to, try the IMDB site listing:

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