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Friday, July 08, 2005
  You've gotta love CONCACAF
Did anyone see the US-Cuba match last night? Nope, me either. Ya see, CONCACAF, in it's wisdom decided to sell the rights to the Gold Cup (North America's biggest competition) to a Spanish Language network. I have no idea if I get this Teleflora (something like that) Channel or not...and to be honest, I don't care.

seriously, why should I bother? As an English speaking person living in the US, it's difficult enough to follow the sport of soccer and in order to do so, you have to spend a lot of money. I just can't be bother to put much more effort into following a competition that the promoters don't really care to make that interesting...or at least that's my (as a potential consumer) opinion.

Oh yeah, the game. It seems that a young US side managed to get three late goals and won the match 4-1. Boy, it sounds like 87 minutes of sleeping pills with a rude jolt at the end. But maybe I'm wrong...after all, I didn't watch the match.

Then again, it doesn't look like anyone bothered to show up for the match. Perhaps the Copa Oro (that's Spanish) was advertised in Seattle in Spanish as well.
It was more a Cuba scores early...

My fate, my fate, we're going to lose to Cuba...

Dempsey scores a goal like he does for the Revs (beautiful chested pass from Beasley which he immediately puts into the goal)...

Thirty more minutes of nothing...

My fate, my fate, we're going to tie Cuba...

Donovan comes in in the 75th minute or so...

Hooray the day is saved...

Nothing for 12 minutes...

My fate, my fate, we really are going to tie Cuba, this really sucks...

Donovan scores on a screecher of a free kick...

Floodgates open and everyone starts scoring on the Cuba goalie at will. Arena and the fans breathe a sign of relief.

But it really does such watching the matches in Spanish. It's just something I'm used to by this point.
I refuse to get used to it...at least for watching the US in the USofA. If I were in Mexico watching the US, I'd expect the match to be in Spanish.

Thanks for the recap. Sounds like I'd have fallen asleep by the time Donovan came on..and as I'd have been watching with the sound off, I wouldn't have heard the "Gooooooooooooooooooooool" shout to make the nightmare worse. :)
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