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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
  Something soccer fans already knew
Here's a shocker. It seems, Rochester is the best minor league sports city in the country. OK, so that's kind of a back-handed compliment. Who wants to be known as a minor league town? But just looking at what the Rhinos have done the last few years you have to think that more established sports in this country have to do well there also.

I think this shows again that MLS needs Rochester more than Rochester needs an MLS team.
not promoting rochester harms the mls.

but it is patterned after the nba/nhl with at least half of the teams making the play-offs, all-star games, rewarding poor teams with high draft picks, and requiring a high entrance fee to join the league.
If I were the owner of the Rhino's and the stadium they may or may not be getting, I'd tell MLS to get lost as I'm already making money and don't want their league and it's restrictions to hamper my business.
basically that is what he has done. he can obviously run his business quite well without having the MLS tell him what to do and there is no way he is going to pay an entrance fee to join MLS in their current state.
Agree Rochester deserves a spot more than Kansas City say. Arrowhead Stadium with 6000 people in it looks terrible.
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