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Friday, July 22, 2005
  Now this is stupid
I've posted my thoughts on what Lalas said already. But in typical clueless MLS fashion, they've gone and fined Lalas $2000 for those comments!!

The league and the two teams involved got plenty of publicity (free) after those comments. There's no way anyone with an IQ over 60 that follows the sport in this country would believe he was serious with those comments. Yet the league boneheads in the infinite wisdom felt the need to fine him. And yet they wonder why so many soccer fans in the US consider the league to be Mickey Mouse.

UPDATE: Ok, I stand corrected. Lalas wasn't fined for his comments about Adu, it was for comments about the league structure. I guess I can understand the leagues desire to shut him up here. However, I agree with his comments.
"The single entity allowed us to survive the last 10 years, but the trainingwheels have got to come off," Lalas was quoted in the June 21 edition of the New York Times. "We are in the entertainment business, and I want players with personality. Stars and star power are vital to any league, especially here in the New York area."

I mean, is that kinda what I've been saying for a while on here? Of course, MLS will be able to produce teams that will effectively compete with teams like Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Chelsea by paying an entire team what one player at top Euro teams are making.
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