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Monday, June 20, 2005
  Weekend Round-up
Normally on Monday I have my takes on the weekend’s football action. However, watching the US Grand Prix from Indy yesterday blotted out most memories I have from any matches I saw. What a joke that was...how any sports organization can allow something like that to happen in a market they are desperate to gain a foothold is beyond me.

But enough of my other addiction. Lemme see now. Mexico beat Brazil in Germany yesterday. Gotta hand it to our neighbors to the south. They did what they had to against a team they weren't supposed to beat. Yeah, they play ugly...but the scoreboard is all that matters.

LA lost in Dallas. The field level highlights on MLS Wrap didn't really give us much on the game. However, I guess we can't really be surprised...LA can only win at the HDC.

How did I miss that Ante Razov had moved to the Metros? Nice addition to the squad there. Too bad he will still be the most hated former Galaxy player in LA.

If there was any doubt that Chivas suck...just take a look at their performance against Colorado on Saturday. Yeah, Colorado are coming off a famous win...but I wasn't that impressed with them Wednesday. When will Chivas throw in the towel?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The US Kids got past Egypt (just) and now play Italy in the next round at the Kids World Cup.

That's it for now. I'm off to write a letter of disgust to the FIA.
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