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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
  Man U USA???
I just love the English Press. There's so much competition to find something new that no one else has that they spend a great deal of time creating 'potential' news. I'm actually disappointed I didn't find this piece in The Independent sooner. It's classic.

Ok, so the whole article is that with Malcolm Glazer buying Man U, he might look to add an MLS team like Chivas did this season. The idea being that Glazer could sell more Man U shirts and other merchandise to an untapped market in the US and Canada. Vargara thought much the same thing when he created the Chivas franchise. Anyone see how many showed up at the HDC on Sunday to see them against currently the best team in MLS?

My favorite part of this article is this quote:

But the US Soccer Federation think United could ride a wave. "Some 15 years ago we hadn't competed in a World Cup for 40 years, there was no professional league and hardly any games were on the TV. Now there is a professional league and we are getting 15,000 people a game," a spokesperson said.
Now, why would a USSF spokesperson comment on this? Did the writer call them instead of MLS by mistake? According to the byline, she was in New York so she only had to catch a cab to the league offices. USSF doesn't run the league. I'm guessing a lack of fact checking and a bit of fiction are involved here. However, it's nice to see the average attendance of 15,000 is spun as a positive here.

Also, the last paragraph has me a bit confused.

Top of the list for the new management, led by Glazer's son Joel, could be TV deals. At the moment, football is available on cable, but games are often reruns and aired at obscure times. More interviews might make it more attractive.

Not sure where she's getting her soccer on TV in New York, but live broadcasts are never obscure times...and if the rerun is played a few hours later when more people are awake, is that really a bad thing?

The rest of the article is about how the sport has failed to catch on in the US and has a bunch of dodgy quotes from dubious sources. In fact, the only quote given credit to someone is a person who works for a stock brokerage firm in the north of England. Hardly an expert on the topic.

Ya gotta love your daily fiction.
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